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SCM 1-20 RT

SCM 1-20 RT is designed to clean all types of solar panels Systems using an optimized wet cleaning technology that removes more than 99% of the accumulated dust and litters, eliminates manual labor and water wastage, also keeps the production of the panels within its peak efficiency even in the worst environmental conditions. It has been tested to be fully safe on panels (Cells Micro-cracks and the Anti Reflective Coating (ARC) scratches).


The machines are made of the rigid aluminum frame to prevent the formation of rust and to extend the useful lifetime of SCM 1-20 RT up to 25 years.

SCM 1-20 RT has an adjustable length of up to 26 m, and it is fully compliant with Darb’s fixed parking stations and mobile stations depending on the project requirements.

SCM 1-20 RT is automated and remotely managed from a dashboard which allows Scheduling of the cleaning process, and adjusting the system setup through a high tech control system

In order to maintain high cleaning performance, SCM 1-20 RT uses three stages of cleaning:

  1. Water injection :
    Including the water in the cleaning process is mandatory for two main reasons:
  • Softening all hard soil and dust particles; thus the ARC layer will not be scratched.
  • Removing sticky materials such as (litters and birds drop) which requires water to be removed.
  1. Brushing:

Rotating brushes are important to softening the hard soils and dust with the help of water and 99% litters removal guarantee.


  1. Wiping stage :
    Removing dust, water and litters from the surface of the panels, in addition, the wiping remove all the water from the surface  of the panels which prevents lime accumulation due to salty water.


Product Features

High cleaning efficiency

Super cleaning time

Low operation costs

Ultra water saving

Panels safety certified


Smart Control system


Complementary Products

Parking stations and Trolleys

SCM1-20RT operates in one axis, so it can clean up to 26 meters’ width solar array in any length within the solar plant, therefore it needs a fixed station to park over after the cleaning process is completed and to attach the control system to it. Also in some projects, SCM1-20RT has to be shifted through solar rows and here, the mobile station plays a key role in that.

The following are the different types of Fixed parking stations and mobile parking stations which are provided by Darb company:

Fixed parking stations

A. Metal roofs fixed parking station


  • Fits on rooftops and hangers.
  • A cleaning control system is attached to the fixed station.

B. Car canopies fixed parking station


  • Fits on car parking solar systems and steel structure solar plants.
  • It has been designed similarly to the original panel’s structure (tilt & height).
  • A cleaning control system is attached to the fixed station.


Mobile parking stations

A. Metal roofs Trolley


  • Adds a multi-axis feature to SCM 1-20 RT which reduces the needed number of SCM 1-20 RT by shifting it automatically through solar arrays.
  • Full automation features with no human interaction.

 B. Car parking Trolley


  • Adds a multi-axis feature to SCM1-20 RT which reduce the needed number of SCM1-20 RT by shifting it automatically from a canopy to another.
  • Full automation features with no human interaction.

C. Free field trolley


  • Adds a mobility features to SCM 1-20 RT
  • 4X4 feature for rough environment.
  • Single operator with high tech control system.
  • Electrical power train.
  • Compatible with rough environment like deserts and unleveled ground type.

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