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SCM 1-20 RT

SCM 1-20 RT is designed to clean all types of solar panels Systems using an optimized wet cleaning technology that removes more than 99% of the accumulated dust and litters, eliminates manual labor and water wastage, also keeps the production of the panels within its peak efficiency even in the worst environmental conditions. It has been tested to be fully safe on panels (Cells Micro-cracks and the Anti Reflective Coating (ARC) scratches).


The machines are made of the rigid aluminum frame to prevent the formation of rust and to extend the useful lifetime of SCM 1-20 RT up to 25 years.

SCM 1-20 RT has an adjustable length of up to 26 m, and it is fully compliant with Darb’s fixed parking stations and mobile stations depending on the project requirements.

SCM 1-20 RT is automated and remotely managed from a dashboard which allows Scheduling of the cleaning process, and adjusting the system setup through a high tech control system

Advanced control system 

SCM 1-20 is controlled and managed through a high-tech control system and a friendly user interface, which allows for an easy scheduling of the cleaning process and adjusting of the system setup.





  • Sequential cleaning technology 

In order to maintain its high cleaning performance, SCM 1-20 RT uses a three stage sequential cleaning process. 

  1. 1. Water injection stage:

Including water in the cleaning process is mandatory for two main reasons:

  • To soften all hard soil and dust particles; thus, the ARC layer will not be scratched.
  • To remove sticky materials such as litters and bird droppings.
  1. Brushing stage:
  • Rotating brushes is important to soften the hard soils and dust with the help of water, which guarantees the removal of 99% of the dust. 
  1. Wiping stage:
  • Wiping removes dust, litters and water from the surface of the panels, which prevents lime accumulation due to salty water.



  • Self-aligning technology

SCMi1-20 uses a self-alignment technology which enables the cleaning machine to override the solar table misalignment problem. 



  • Active Wiping technology 

SCM1-20 uses the active wiping technology to enhance the wiping process, hence ensuring panel dryness and preventing dust accumulation, even in unleveled solar panel installations. 


Product Features

High cleaning efficiency

Super cleaning time

Low operation costs

Ultra water saving

Panels safety certified


Smart Control system


Complementary products 


Parking stations and trolleys 

SCM1-20 Operates in one axis, so it can clean up to 20 meters’ width solar array in any length within the solar plants. It needs a fixes station to park over and to attach the control system to it.

In some cases, it is not feasible to install multi SCM1-20 for each array due to the project feasibility and the design of the solar array; the following are the different types of parking stations and trolleys which are used to override the previously mentioned issues and to add the multi-axis feature to SCM1- 20.



A. Fixed parking stations 

  • Fits all types of car parking solar systems and rooftop solar arrays plants.
  • It has been designed similarly to the original panel’s structure (tilt and height).

B. Advanced trolley system 

1. Metal roofs Trolley


  • Adds a multi-axis feature to SCM 1-20 RT which reduces the needed number of SCM 1-20 RT by shifting it automatically through solar arrays.
  • Full automation features.

2. Universal electrical control trolley (UECT)

UECT is a Universal Electrical Control Trolley designed to move SCM 1-20 from a solar table to another, which will improve the cleaning capacity and feasibility. UECT includes an electrical power train to smoothen the movement process even in the roughest environment.

Moreover, UECT includes a hydraulic control system to adjust the Scm1-20 height and tilt angle resulting in a highly flexible cleaning solution suitable for any solar table configuration.


  1. Adds mobility and a multi-axis feature to SCM1-20 RT which reduces the needed number of SCM1-20 RT by shifting it from one solar table to another.
  2. Electrical power trolley for smooth control experience even in rough environments.
  3.  Single operator with a high tech control system.
  4. Adjustable height from 0.5 m up to 4 m. 
  5. Adjustable tilt angle from -40 degree to 40 degrees.

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