DARBCO was established in 2017 as one of the most innovative companies in the MENA region; it aims to solve the problem of dust accumulation over solar panels, by the continuous development and manufacturing of automated solar panels cleaning solutions.

Solar systems are installed worldwide as they are a clean and cheap energy source, but they suffer from dust accumulation over their surface, which reduces their energy output. Dust accumulation also increases the resources needed for the cleaning process (water, labor, and time), which increases operational costs.

DARBCO has developed an innovative automated solution that guarantees high levels of cleaning efficiency and reliable operations. DARBCO products are designed to withstand the desertous weather and dusty areas by integrating a high-efficiency cleaning mechanism, which reduces the water and time needed to clean the solar panels without affecting the cleaning results.

Since solar panels are sensitive to mechanical interaction that may cause scratches or Micro-cracks, all materials used in the manufacturing of the machines have been specially developed and tested for safe operations.


To become the leading solar panels cleaning solutions provider worldwide.


To increase the efficiency of solar PV plants in terms of energy generation with minimal resources and efforts.

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Head Office: Amman – jordan -KHPB, Grow building #23, office # 201

Factory: King Abdullah II Industrial City, Sahab, Jordan

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